"If it doesn’t
burn you,
why do it?
if it does not
fill you with
light, as the
sun does with
the moon,
why bother
opening your
heart at all?"
-  Pavana पवन  (via maza-dohta)


"I always thought that eventually a relationship would come to end, and your imaginary would find in time surcease. But I think when you really fall in love, there seems to be something permanent that happens to you.

Perhaps whatever insight the story was making is not particularly axiomatic. Perhaps it’s just something idiosyncratic about me. But it certainly feels that way when I stand and look back at all my relationships, beginning to understand that there are a few of them that never seem to diminish, neither in my mind nor my heart. You just manage them.

Love reveals us. Profoundly and unnervingly, love reveals us. I think this is something that can often be a source of comfort and dismay. Most of us are not used to being naked. And I can’t speak to the world, but that first time you disrobe—the first time you disrobe before someone you care about—shrinks in comparison to the first time you begin to unveil your internal self.”

- Junot Díaz

junot diaz

"It’s like getting into a bath. But the water is like warm chocolate pudding. And The Smiths are playing “There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.” There’s warm light all over and there are like five dudes massaging you. And you have a pizza."
- Marisol Gonzales and Maritza Ramos - What is love? (via larmoyante)