It hasn’t stopped. Thoughts of you, some days wishful. Some days, painful. Just when I think it’s starting to stop, it comes right back.

Nights are for reflection, thoughts of why, and memories of us. In the bitter, cold crisp air, when all I can hear is breath, I’m reminded. Reminded of better days, when I was your moon and you were my stars. It’s peaceful out there. 

Nights are for reflection and wondering. Questions of where, who, when. Somewhere deep inside I must already know these answers, but most nights I choose to dream. 

All this time I thought, you must know me. But as with all truths and things that are meant to be seen, it’s in pictures and photos, quotes and poetry. She’s there too, in your thoughts of me. It’s all there now and now I see. 

Where does it all go once someone moves on? The smell of each other’s skin, our scents, the way his and her hair feels when running your fingers through it. The dimples and freckles, the way he closes his eyes when you kiss him. The way he kisses you on your forehead. The way he took care of you, in the ways he knew how. Where does it all go when dreams don’t come true? Do we forget, erase these memories and replace them with new ones. Do they get pushed down, minimized and diminished when someone else comes into our life, and kisses us on the forehead in their own way. 

The whole notion of lovers, soul mates becoming complete and utter strangers, who have left behind, erased, or diminished those shared moments and dreams, is heartbreaking. None of that exists anymore. It’s just gone, like it never happened. You’re losing parts of your life that you never wanted to forget, you’re losing the one person who made everything worthwhile. If I saw you on the street tomorrow will we know each other anymore? 

"It’s like getting into a bath. But the water is like warm chocolate pudding. And The Smiths are playing “There’s a Light that Never Goes Out.” There’s warm light all over and there are like five dudes massaging you. And you have a pizza."
- Marisol Gonzales and Maritza Ramos - What is love? (via larmoyante)



Love Letter to Baltimore: Wall 1/2

Stephen ESPO Powers

Mike Levy

Dan Murphey

Merrell Hambleton

Thanks to: BOPA, Baltimore, Miss Hudson, Mr Johnson, Ryan Patterson, Ryan Clifford, Jeff Thompson, Maggie Villegas and Ed!

Photos By Matthew Kuborn

ESPO Baltimore